The Team

Jo and Marty first met in Sydney, Australia while working at Neuroscience Research Australia. While their common research interests initially brought them together, it is their passion for sound science that led them to team up and create Scientifically Sound.

Joanna Diong

I trained as a physiotherapist and my research focuses on why human movement is affected in clinical conditions and how it can be improved. I have a broad background in experimental and clinical research, but it was when I read Jacob Cohen’s terrific paper (The earth is round, p < .05) that I first started to question how well we can believe much of what we read in research. I try to include principles of good research design, programming for data management and open science/software in my work. I’m still learning, and this site is an attempt to help others in our fields do the same.

Martin Héroux

My research focuses on human sensory motor physiology and over the years I have used a variety of experimental techniques and data analysis approaches to answer my research questions. These techniques and approaches did not come naturally to me. It took perseverance and a few key people along the way for me to learn what I needed to learn. In the past few years I have become interested in science in the digital age – not the science of the digital age, but rather how the practice of science has changed (or not changed) with the advent and now ubiquity of computers.