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LaTeX: How to create a document with LaTeX – Part 1

Using digital tools to version control code is slowly gaining favour among scientists, especially those who use computer programs to process and analyse data. When I first learned about version control, one of the most attractive features was the ability to version control manuscripts. Anyone who has tried to write a scientific paper or research proposal knows the document often

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R: Analysing small datasets – Part 2

In the previous post we plotted repeated measures data from 10 subjects under 2 conditions. There are different ways to analyse small datasets. We could apply parametric methods to analyse the data values, such as describing the data with means and standard deviations, and calculating a paired difference. Or, we could also apply non-parametric methods by analysing data values based

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Reproducibility and reliability of biomedical research

In April 2015, a symposium was held on how to improve the reproducibility of biomedical research. It was attended by scientists from research institutions, funding bodies and scientific journals. A report summarizing the symposium was published in November of last year. A very readable document, the report discusses various factors that contribute to poor reproducibility, as well as various recommendations

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