Monthly Archives: April 2017

Good enough practices in scientific computing

Three years ago, Greg Wilson of Software Carpentry fame, along with fellow members of the Software Carpentry Community, published an article entitled Best Practices for Scientific Computing. This article is a great reference and covers all aspects of scientific computing. However, the paper could be intimidating to novices. To remedy this, Greg Wilson et al. recently published a follow-up paper

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What are published effect sizes and study power in recent cognitive neuroscience and psychology?

Given the ongoing debate on the lack of reproducibility in many scientific fields, Szucs and Ioannidis (2017) analysed published records in cognitive neuroscience and experimental psychology journals to determine publication practices in these fields. The investigators used a text-mining approach to extract 26,841 records of degrees of freedom and t-values from 3,801 papers published between Jan 2011 to Aug 2015

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