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File in/out: How to import data files from Spike2 (and Matlab) into Python

Spike2 is a type of signal acquisition software commonly used in physiological studies (eg. electromyography, kinematics, cardiovascular research, sleep, etc). It is possible to perform signal analysis in Spike2 by using the drop-down menus, or by programming scripts to automate analysis. However, the programming language for Spike2 is difficult to read, which discourages many scientists from learning to program scripts

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Python: Data structures

Python has a number of in-built data structures. Two of the most common structures are lists and dictionaries. In Python, a list is a sequence of values and is constructed with square brackets, e.g. [1, 5, ‘abc’, 34.8]. The values in a list can be numbers or strings. A dictionary is a sequence of keys associated with values and is

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