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File in/out: How to import CSV files into Python using Pandas

Comma separated values (CSV) files are a type of text file commonly used to store data. In a CSV file, each line of text contains values separated with commas. CSV files can be imported into Python in different ways (eg. csv.reader, numpy.loadtxt, etc). One useful method is to import CSV files into Pandas dataframes. Pandas package. Pandas is a Python

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File in/out: How to import data files from Spike2 (and Matlab) into Python

Spike2 is a type of signal acquisition software commonly used in physiological studies (eg. electromyography, kinematics, cardiovascular research, sleep, etc). It is possible to perform signal analysis in Spike2 by using the drop-down menus, or by programming scripts to automate analysis. However, the programming language for Spike2 is difficult to read, which discourages many scientists from learning to program scripts

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