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What does research reproducibility mean?

Concerns about research reproducibility (or lack thereof) continue to escalate but it seems people can have quite different ideas about what research reproducibility means. In a perspectives editorial, Goodman and colleagues demonstrate concepts on reproducibility can be both precise: …reproducibility refers to the ability of a researcher to duplicate the results of a prior study using the same materials as

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How false findings become canonized as scientific fact when publication bias is unknown

Scientific inquiry is the process by which new information is generated through experimental, theoretical or observational methods in order to understand the world. As inquiry progresses, some claims eventually achieve enough acceptance by the scientific community and become regarded as “fact”. The more established a fact is, the less likely it is subjected to further verification. However, poor reproducibility of

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Essay review: The importance of stupidity in scientific research

In light of recent depressing posts on the reproducibility crisis and the natural selection of bad science, I thought it worthwhile to revisit why we actually try to do good science, despite the pressures to compromise, and what qualities good scientists possess. Some time ago, the cell biologist Martin Schwartz wrote an interesting and honest essay on why, for sincere

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