Properties of exponents and logarithms

Because I am always hunting down properties of exponents and logarithms then losing them, I decided to make my own curated reference list, compiled from various sources. Here’s my one-stop shop.

Exponents and logarithms have wide applications and pop up in many places e.g. transforming badly behaved data, logistic regression, specifying prior beliefs, etc. Hopefully we can expand on these in the future.


  • Chow YM, Koh CJ, Koh KM, Ling KD, Shee SC (2006) College Mathematics Syllabus C. 2nd Ed. EPB Pan Pacific: Singapore.
  • Two online refs that I can now no longer track down.


My Dad read this blog post and wondered if this Caltech book chapter was one of the two internet resources I couldn’t identify. It wasn’t, but the chapter had some helpful explanations so I’m referencing it here. Thanks Dad!

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